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FAQS & INFO2023-08-13T13:08:08+00:00
What are your hours of operation?2022-11-11T17:19:59+00:00

Our Business Hours are Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm EST.
We are closed most major holidays, and occasionally on other days around the holidays (for instance, the Friday after Thanksgiving). We will always have advance notice on our website of days we will be closed.

How can I contact you?2023-12-21T17:20:00+00:00

Call us: 570-664-6191
Email us: customerservice@rafflesforless.com

Where can my tickets be shipped?2022-11-11T17:21:48+00:00

Free Shipping is available on all orders shipping to the continental US.
Orders of up to 5,000 tickets can also be shipped to AK and HI via free shipping. Please contact us for larger orders.
Our shipping calculators are only valid for US shipping. Please contact us before placing your order if international shipping is needed.

How quickly will my tickets be printed?2023-04-13T01:37:24+00:00

Visit THIS PAGE on our site for detailed information about our turnaround time

Orders placed by 4:00 pm EST Monday – Friday (Design It Yourself, 5,000 tickets or less) will print and ship the next business day. In many cases, even orders placed after 4:00 PM will still ship the next day.
Orders placed before 4:00 pm EST Friday will ship the following Monday.
Larger orders may take longer. Please contact us if you have a specific due date and we will do our best to accommodate.
Stapled/glued orders may sometimes require an additional day for production.
If you need faster production, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If we’re able to ship your order sooner, we always will, and we never charge rush fees.
For Design It For Me orders, proofs are emailed by the next business day, and normal production time begins at the time of final proof approval.

What are my shipping options and how long do they take?2023-07-20T19:40:31+00:00

Free Shipping – With this method, the order will be shipped via the most economical method. Typically these orders are shipped via USPS (First Class Mail, Ground Advantage, or Priority Mail), though occasionally some orders may be shipped via UPS. Delivery on most orders is estimated at two to seven business days. USPS does experience frequent delays, and their delivery times ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

UPS Ground – UPS is typically much more reliable than USPS. These orders ship from Stroudsburg, PA 18360. See below for links to the UPS time-in-transit map and calculator to estimate your shipping time. Please note that our discounted UPS rate is only valid for the continental USA.

UPS 3-Day, 2nd Day, or Next Day – For most orders, pricing for these options will be visible at checkout.
Saturday Delivery – UPS 2nd Day and Next Day Air shipments can be manually upgraded to Saturday Delivery for an additional charge (typically $10-$30). Please place your order for UPS 2nd Day and Next Day Air and then contact us to request an upgrade.

Please CLICK HERE to view a map of our UPS delivery times.
Please CLICK HERE to access the UPS delivery calculator. (Note that we ship from Stroudsburg, PA 18360)

Please note that at this time only UPS Next Day Air is a guaranteed service. UPS is typically a very reliable carrier, but even their shipping service can experience infrequent delays.

What is the cheapest way to order my tickets?2022-11-11T17:23:04+00:00

Our Design It Yourself order forms offer the lowest pricing and the fastest production time.

How do I design my ticket?2022-11-11T17:23:25+00:00

Our Design It Yourself order forms offer an easy way to design your own ticket. You’ll simply choose your paper color, enter your information, and choose your fonts and font sizes. A PDF proof can be viewed, printed, and saved immediately, and the finished ticket can be added to your cart.

I’m a graphic designer. Can I submit my own artwork?2022-11-11T17:23:55+00:00

We don’t recommend that most of our users attempt to submit their own artwork, as it is rarely set up correctly and sized to fit our layouts. However, if you’re a designer who knows how to correctly set up print-ready artwork, we do make our templates available.  CLICK HERE to view our templates page.
To place your order, simply fill out a Design It Yourself order form, delete the ticket design information, and add a note that you’ll be emailing us print-ready artwork. Once you’ve completed the checkout process, email your artwork to customerservice@rafflesforless.com

How do I have your designers create my ticket design for me?2022-11-11T17:24:20+00:00

Simply fill out a Design It For Me order form. Once you complete the checkout process, one of our designers will create a proof within 24 hours. This proof will be emailed to you for your approval. Once the proof is approved your order will move forward into production.

How can I include a logo or image in my design?2022-11-11T17:24:43+00:00

Our Design It Yourself order forms are text-only and do not support images.
Orders placed with our Design It For Me order forms are custom-designed by our design team. These orders can include logos, images, clip art, borders, and more. These order forms include a file upload field where logos and images can be attached.

How do I save my design if I’m not ready to order yet?2022-11-11T17:25:05+00:00

Simply add your ticket to your shopping cart. Until you pay for your order, you can return to the order form at any time to make changes. Just remember that you must click the SAVE button in order to save your changes. Saved tickets are saved in your cart for 30 days, and this clock can be reset any time by simply opening and re-saving your ticket design.

Can I just place my order over the phone?2022-11-11T17:25:34+00:00

All orders must placed through our website, either by using a Design It Yourself or a Design It For Me order form.

Can I add printing on the back of the tickets?2023-04-13T01:33:40+00:00

Yes, you can!  If you’re ordering a Design It Yourself ticket, simply select a 2-sided order form in the size of your choice.

If you’re ordering with a We Design It For You order form, the additional charge is $30.00 for the first 1000 tickets and $10.00 for each additional 1000 tickets. To order a We Design ticket with a back side print, first add the front side of your ticket to your shopping cart, and then contact us so that we can add a custom back side print charge before you complete the checkout process.

What are some of the strangest prizes you’ve seen listed on raffle tickets?2022-11-11T17:26:43+00:00

You might be opening Pandora’s box with this question! If you can imagine it, we’ve probably seen it on a raffle ticket. A pallet of beer, a ton of corn, a dozen roses, box of chocolates, and a life-sized teddy bear, chicken sh*t bingo, and the list goes on. There was a 1954 Ford F-100 that we still wish we had bought tickets for, and of course all the usual prizes – guns (and we mean LOTS of guns), barrels/wagons/baskets/coolers of booze, a hog/steer/chickens with butchering, signed guitars, vacations and trips, and so much more.

What number will the tickets start at?2022-11-11T17:27:11+00:00

It is suggested that you start at number 1. We can start at “convenient” numbers (such as 101, or 1001). If your drawing is based on a daily lottery having 3 or 4 numbers, your tickets will be numbered 000-999 or 0000-9999. (There is no additional charge for lottery numbering.)

What exactly is lottery numbering?2022-11-11T17:27:41+00:00

3-Digit Lottery numbering, for instance, prints 1000 tickets numbered from 000 to 999 (using every possible 3-digit combination). This numbering is typically used when the drawing winner will be chosen by a letter drawing on a certain date.
If an order is placed for just 250 or 500 tickets with 3-digit lottery drawing, then the tickets will be numbered either 000-249 or 000-499.
Multiple numbers per ticket are available by request.

Can I have multiple numbers printed on my raffle ticket?2022-11-11T17:34:58+00:00

Yes, you can! Our regular size tickets can fit two numbers, and all other sizes can fit up to 4 numbers.
There is no additional charge for multiple, sequential numbers per ticket.

Can I have my numbers printed in random order?2022-11-11T17:35:24+00:00

We do offer random-order numbering for an additional charge. We do not offer stapling or padding on random-numbered tickets. Please contact us for details.

Can you staple my tickets into books?2022-11-11T17:36:03+00:00

We can staple or glue tickets into books. Stapling is available in book sizes of 5, 6, 10, or 12. Gluing is available in book sizes of 5, 6, 10, 12, 20, 25, 50, or 100. You can view the available options and pricing on any of our standard order forms. Gluing or stapling is always done on the left (stub) side.
Custom quantity books are also available. Please contact us for details and pricing.

I need envelopes to put my tickets in so no one can see which number they’re buying.2022-11-11T17:36:33+00:00

Just contact us with your needs. Not only can we print the envelopes, we have machines that will insert your tickets into the envelopes and seal them closed for you!

I need other printing – banners, flyers, and t-shirts. Can you print them?2022-11-11T17:37:04+00:00

We actually run a full-service print shop in Northeast Pennsylvania. Please email us with your needs; we can print just about anything and we’re always happy to help!

Can I order additional tickets?2022-11-11T17:37:25+00:00

Absolutely! We have a fast and easy reordering process. CLICK HERE for a page with detailed instructions.
We strongly suggest you order a sufficient supply on your initial order. The cost for a single larger order will be less than the cost of two smaller orders. We also see a surprising number of customers paying extra for rush shipping on their repeat orders because they have run out of tickets. Ordering more tickets initially can save you money in the long run.

Are raffle tickets legal in my area?2022-11-11T17:37:49+00:00

You should check with your state and local government in regard to holding a raffle in your area. Your local municipality or state Attorney General office can usually help you with laws and regulations. Please keep in mind that we are printers, not lawyers and it is your responsibility to adhere to the laws governing raffles in your area.

I’m with an amazing nonprofit organization. Can I get a discount?2022-11-11T17:38:12+00:00

The honest truth is that nearly every single customer we have is a charity or nonprofit of some sort. We’re thankful for the role that we get to play in helping each and every organization raise money for their important causes, and we work hard to keep our prices low for everyone that we work with. It’s also important to realize that we’re a local business, we work hard to make sure that every single team member in our shop makes a good living wage, and that our business is healthy enough that we can continue to be here to serve you for years to come.

I need a form filled out for my state Small Games of Chance Office.2022-11-11T17:38:35+00:00

Simply email us a copy of or a link to the form that you need to have completed and we’ll be happy to fill it out for you.

How can I get a copy of my invoice?2022-11-11T17:38:57+00:00

Simply log into your account on our website, view your history, and hit the print icon next to your job.  This will print your job summary/invoice.

Will I receive the exact quantity that I have ordered?2022-11-11T17:39:26+00:00

It is our intention to fill every order at the exact quantity ordered. Some orders that are stapled/padded in books may be overrun slightly in printing, but these tickets are typically discarded before shipping to avoid any confusion when reorders are placed.
In some rare cases, a small number of tickets may be missing or damaged in production. Underruns of 5% or less, while extremely rare, are considered acceptable and will not be credited or reprinted.
If your order requires exact quantity, you must notify us at the time your order is placed.

Can I cancel my order?2022-11-11T17:39:47+00:00

For Design It Yourself orders, because of the speed in processing orders, cancellations are not possible.
For Design It For Me orders that are cancelled after typesetting has been done but before the proof has been approved a partial refund may be given (typically the cost of printing and shipping the tickets). No cancellations are possible after the proof is approved.

Can I return my tickets for a refund?2022-11-11T17:40:12+00:00

As each order we produce is custom-printed, we do not offer returns of any kind.

What if there is an error on my job that I approved?2022-11-11T17:40:34+00:00

We require an approved proof (either on our website or via email) before we proceed with printing any job. Once you have approved a proof for production, we will print exactly what you have approved. It is important to scrutinize your proof carefully as no refunds can be given for errors that were not noticed when the proof was sent.

What if you mess up my order?2022-11-11T17:40:56+00:00

We would love to say that we never make mistakes. The honest truth, however, is that even the best of us make mistakes from time to time. What we can tell you, though, is this: We have built consistent, repeatable processes in our business that reduce the possibility of errors to a minimum. When we do make a mistake, please simply contact us. We pride ourselves in fixing our mistakes as quickly as possible. You’ll find that our service when we’ve made a mistake is just as good as the service we provide through every single part of your order. Our goal is to earn your business year after year, and we’re committed to seeing every customer walk away satisfied.

Is my information private with you?2022-11-11T17:41:17+00:00

Your privacy is important to us. We do not share or sell your email or any other information with anyone.
We may email you occasionally introducing you to other arms of our business. You can opt out of these emails at any time.

I can’t find the answer to my question here.2022-11-11T17:41:39+00:00

If you have any questions or need more information, please call us (570-664-6191), email us (customerservice@rafflesforless.com), or fill out the contact forms here on our website.

How thick is the paper that my tickets will be printed on?2023-04-13T01:40:26+00:00

Our standard-color tickets are printed on 67# Vellum Bristol.  Our upgraded colors are printed on 65# cover.  All of these stocks are similar in weight to an index card.  Occasionally we substitute other stocks of similar weight due to supply chain issues.

What paper colors can I choose from?2023-04-13T01:49:36+00:00

We offer 20 different paper colors. The first 8 colors are included in our normal pricing. The additional 12 colors are available at an additional cost.  CLICK HERE to see our color options.