Ordering Tips

Our Business Hours are Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

Phone: 570-664-6191
email: customerservice@rafflesforless.com

Below are a few suggestions to help in ordering your tickets.
Plan your ticket before you start your order.
We suggest you write a list of all the information to be printed on your ticket.


Please be advised that we are only shipping to USA destinations.

We suggest you write a list of all the information to be printed on your ticket.

At minimum, it should include:
Name of your organization
Title of the event
The prize or list of prizes being offered
Date and time of drawing
Location of drawing
Selling price of ticket(s)
License information (if required)

Additional information to consider:
Indicate how proceeds will be used
Prize donor(s) if applicable
Winner need not be present
Thank you to ticket purchaser

What size ticket to order

The amount of copy is the best guideline in choosing a size. With 10 lines of copy or less, the Regular size should work well. If you need up to 13 lines of copy, the Medium size ticket should be used. The Large size ticket can accommodate up to 18 lines of copy. The Wide size tickets should be used when there is a lot of text (more than 65 characters) on some lines. The amount of text lines and the number of characters on each line, will determine the size and style of the type to be used. The more text there is, the smaller the type will be.

How many tickets to order

Although you can always order more tickets if needed, it is more economical to order a little more with the initial order. It will also save time waiting for delivery of additional tickets.