Here are successful raffle tips for you:

What does a successful raffle look like?

Your first step should be to define your goal – what is the end result that you’re hoping to achieve?  Most raffles will have a certain dollar amount targeted.  Success begins by aiming at something.  As the old quote says, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”  Start your raffle right by setting a goal: how much money do you want to raise?

Here’s another successful Raffle tip:

How many raffle tickets do we need to sell?

The answer to this question boils down to simple math.  Let’s say, for instance, that you want to raise $1,000.  If you plan to give away a prize (or prizes) worth $1,000, then you’ll need to sell $2,000 worth of tickets.  You can reach this target by selling 2,000 raffle tickets at $1 each, selling 1,000 raffle tickets at $2 each, or selling 400 raffle tickets at $5 each.

How much should we charge for our raffle tickets?

Understanding your target audience will help you price your tickets correctly.  If your area has a smaller economy, then a price range of $1-2 should seem easily affordable to most people.  But if you’re in a more wealthy area, you may miss a big opportunity by pricing your tickets at only $2 when people would pay $10 without a second thought.  The goal in pricing is to get your customers to quickly spend the highest amount that they’re comfortable spending.  Price your tickets too low and you’ll leave money “on the table.”  Price them too high and you may struggle to sell as many tickets as you need.

What are some good raffle ticket prizes?

The best raffle prizes can vary from one community to another.  If you’re in Texas (or just about anywhere in the South), then any raffle that includes guns as a prize is likely to be popular.  People on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts are big fans of fishing gear, New Yorkers seem to love their cash raffles, and in the Northeastern US, trips, vacations, and experiences tend to be popular.  Urban areas tend to see more electronics and jewelry being awarded as raffle prizes.  And of course, there’s the one prize that’s popular everywhere – Booze!

We’ve probably seen every form of booze raffle you can imagine – cooler, wagon, bucket, basket, pallet, and more.  Any raffle ticket that offers booze as a prize is likely to be a hot seller.

There’s a simple reason why things like guns, booze, and coach purses are popular raffle prizes – they’re all things that people might hesitate to splurge on with their own money.  They’re things that anyones “significant other” might not appreciate them spending tons of cash on, but if the item was won in a raffle, then said “significant other” doesn’t have as much room to complain.  If Bubba comes home with a new $600 hunting rifle that he bought on payday, he runs the risk of his wife not being very happy with him.  But if he buys a $10 raffle ticket and wins the same rifle, she’ll probably be happy for him.  So a raffle becomes a vehicle for people to have a chance at owning things they might not normally buy, and all these things are likely to be good raffle prizes.

So, if you’re looking for raffle prize ideas, just ask yourself, “What are things that people around here would want to have, but probably wouldn’t buy for themselves?”