Want to know what information to Include on a Raffle Ticket? If you’re here, then you probably already have a good understanding of just how popular and effective raffles can be. However, figuring out just what information to Include on a raffle ticket can be overwhelming, especially if this if your first time running a raffle.

One of the questions we hear most is “What information to include on a raffle ticket?” Including ALL the important information is important, and we want to see you run a successful raffle. Here are some things that you should include:

10 Information To Include On A Raffle Ticket

10 Information To Include On A Raffle Ticket

1. Title or Event Name:

Clearly state that the ticket is for a raffle by including the word “raffle” on the ticket. Also mention the event name or the cause the raffle is supporting to encourage people to participate

2. Ticket Number:

We always recommend including a unique number on each ticket. Many tickets will have a place for the buyer to enter their name and contact info, but in the event that they fail to do so, this number can be used during the draw to determine the winners. Sequentially numbering the tickets also aids in organization and helps prevent any disputes.

If you’re ordering your tickets from us, we make this part easy. You’ll have the opportunity to select a starting number, and we sequentially number your tickets starting at the number you have selected.

3. Date and Time of Drawing:

Clearly specify the date and time when the raffle will take place. This helps participants know when to expect the results and encourages them to check back. You should also specify whether or not winners must be present to win.

4. Price:

Clearly state the ticket price. We recommend making this larger or bolder than the other information. If there are different pricing tiers or special packages available, include those details as well.

5. Prize Information:

List the prizes on the ticket, preferably with a brief description. The grand prize is usually the biggest and the most likely to generate excitement (and sales) – make it big and bold!

6. Organization Details:

Include the name and contact information of the organizing entity or the charity hosting the raffle. This lends credibility and enables participants to reach out for any queries or clarifications.

7. Terms and Conditions:

To ensure transparency and avoid any legal issues, outline the terms and conditions of the raffle on the ticket. Mention important details such as eligibility, age restrictions, and the procedure for claiming prizes. Many customers who have a lot of details will choose to include it on the back of the ticket in small print.

8. Legal Disclaimers:

Depending on your area, certain legal disclaimers may be required. For example, some jurisdictions require you to state that participants do not need to be present to win, and the ticket purchase does not guarantee winning. Check your local laws to ensure that your tickets are in compliance.

9. Stub/Removable Section:

All our tickets include a perforated, easily detachable stub. These stubs are typically the piece that is used for the drawing to select the winners. Be sure to include blank lines for purchasers to include any information that will be necessary to contact the winners.

10. Branding and Design Elements:

Create an eye-catching design that aligns with the event’s theme or cause. A visually appealing ticket can attract more buyers and increase the chances of a successful raffle. Some organizations choose a paper color that matches their branding; others choose to have us design a full-color ticket for them in order to have the greatest impact.

Final Words

By incorporating all the vital details on your raffle ticket, you can effectively communicate all the necessary information to participants, ensuring a well-run and successful fundraising event. Communicating your details clearly and concisely should help you engage more buyers and ultimately impact your cause in a greater way!