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What is a 3-digit lottery raffle?

A 3-digit lottery raffle drawing is a popular style of raffle where participants purchase tickets with three-digit numbers. It is a thrilling event that combines elements of chance and excitement, offering participants the opportunity to win prizes based on the numbers drawn. The mechanics of a 3-digit lottery raffle drawing are fairly basic. Every ticket [...]

What is a 3-digit lottery raffle?2023-06-22T08:41:18+00:00

What Are the Rules for Holding a Raffle in Texas?

Qualified organizations are permitted to hold raffles. Texas law permits what is referred to as "qualified organizations" to hold raffle fundraisers.  Though a number of restrictions apply, many nonprofit and community organizations can hold up to four raffles per calendar year.  Individuals and for-profit businesses are not permitted to hold raffles in Texas. What items [...]

What Are the Rules for Holding a Raffle in Texas?2023-03-23T08:07:35+00:00

Tips For Holding a Successful Raffle

Here are successful raffle tips for you: What does a successful raffle look like? Your first step should be to define your goal - what is the end result that you're hoping to achieve?  Most raffles will have a certain dollar amount targeted.  Success begins by aiming at something.  As the old quote says, "If [...]

Tips For Holding a Successful Raffle2023-03-23T07:43:01+00:00